You might be a one minute guy, but trust me, if you can make her cum within that one minute she will be super satisfied. Whether you are dating or married, satisfaction during sex is a vital instrument towards ensuring the success of your relationship.

The truth is that all women can climax, but the time it takes to get there varies from one girl to another. Some men are frustrated when their partner takes long to orgasm, but please don’t. If you want to be your lady’s hero, then you should hit that G-spot properly.

Here are some tricks and tips to help you take your lady to “cloud nine.”

Give her lots of foreplay

Foreplay is the best way to arouse your woman. Kiss her passionately and fondle with her body. Let every stroke you give her connect with her deeply. Remove her clothes slowly while kissing her entire body. At this stage, do not hit the hot spots. The more aroused she gets, the faster she will climax when you penetrate.

Eat her properly

Yes, I mean give her a serious oral session. Get between her legs, make her comfortable and start eating that honey pot. Use every oral trick you know or find more here. Combine insertions with clit stimulation. Make her tremble with every stroke of the tongue.

Talk dirty

Women love what they hear, and they want to know you are enjoying them. Tell her how nice she smells, or how great their pussy tastes. Describe how good it feels for your dick to be inside that sweet pussy. Make your woman feel like she is a sex goddess and the most desired of all.

Penetration plus clit stimulation

When your cock is inside, make sure she’s getting some clit stimulation. Regardless of how good the penetration is, most women will not cum until their clits are stimulated. If you cannot do it, ask her to stroke herself gently.

Make her control you

When the woman is dominating, it becomes easier to orgasm. She can get herself the length of dick she wants inside her, rub her clit the way she wants and twist her hips to her desired feel. This way, it is easier for her to climax much faster.

Be romantic

Your girl wants you to tell her how much you love her while sexing her. The feeling of being loved makes a woman more aroused. Look into her eyes and whisper the sweet words. Remind her of how sexy her body is and how beautiful she is!

Stimulate her

When men get into the honey pot, they tend to forget other body parts. Do not just concentrate on the hot areas only. Try licking her whole body, pulling her nipples and running your hands in her hair. Make physical contact so that you can make her climax.


Women like the feeling of their man being in charge. Try some hair pulling or a little ass smack. You can even try light bondage.

These tricks can turn an ordinary Monday night into a hot night. All the same, remember that women are different. Therefore, communicate and learn what triggers her the most. Try new ideas as they can be fun for both of you.

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