I slept with my boyfriend’s brother out of revenge

My boyfriend went on holiday to Las Vegas with his friends, and during their brief but adventurous break, he managed to sleep with two Las Vegas escorts. He did not tell me about at first, but I could tell that something was wrong. When he came home from his Las Vegas trip, he had a really hard time looking me in the eye, and one night when I came home from my London escorts shift, he told me the truth. I was furious and so angry I needed to strike out.

That night, I sort refuge with one of the girls I work with at London escorts. We spent most of the night talking and drinking wine which is not what you want to do when you want to make sense of something. The next I started my shift with London escorts are per normal, but I felt really angry. I was looking for some kind of release, and I soon realised I was not going to get that by spending all night working for London escorts.

My boyfriend’s brother worked in a west London club, and I knew that he was on duty that night. When I had finished my London escorts duties for the night, I slipped on the sexiest dress I could find and made my way over there. In order to not make it look too strange, I had brought along a couple of my cheap escorts colleagues for a drink or two. My boyfriend’s brother was pleased to see us, and invited us to enjoy free champagne in the VIP area of the club.

About an hour after we had arrived, he came over and started to chill with us. We drank some more champagne and had a couple of other drinks as well. By now, my cheap escorts girls were getting kind of frisky and horny and just wanted to fuck, and as I was pretty drunk, I decided to try it on with my boyfriend’s brother. The VIP area of the club was kind of dark, and one thing led to another. Before I knew it, I was treating my boyfriend’s brother to a lap dance. I noticed the other London escorts were sot of giving me the eye as a warning but I did not care.

Before the night ended, I would end up having sex with my boyfriend’s brother. The fact that he had sex with me did not seem to bother him, and in the cool light of the morning, I told him that it would not happen again. When I got home that morning, I told my boyfriend to get out. It seemed to be what he had expected, as his bags were already packed and he was ready to go. Working for London escorts has taught me trust is important, and at the time, I felt that all of the trust had gone out of our relationship. It was time for us both to move on, and find partners we were more comfortable with.

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