How to get lucky at the club.

Do you go out with girlfriends on a Friday night? Lots of girls in London do, and us girls at London escorts are no exception. We love going to “finish the week of” as we say. It is nice to have a little dance and a few drinks with my girls from London escorts.

Sometimes there can be some rivalry between us girls, but a night out seems to clear the air. Do we go out on the pull? Well, we may do, but most of the time we just want to have a good time. I have got lucky a couple of times with a guy in a club, but I know that even some of the girls at London escorts struggle to get lucky with a guy. But there is nothing like the feel good factor of getting lucky with a guy, you think that you have scored. Yes, even London escorts feel that way, and I guess that surprises many girls. Is there a secret to pulling guys in clubs?

There are a couple of tricks that you can try. Should you be dressed as a London escorts sexy kitten? Some of the girls from the lowest priced escorts say that you should, but I have noticed that they pull less than the rest of us. I dress nicely and add a touch of sex like I say to my girlfriends. You can go over the top, and I think that you are less likely to pull then. Try the girl next door look and add something like a low cleavage top, or perhaps a pair of sexy shoes that gets his imagination going.What about make-up? I often see girls at clubs who go way over the top with make-up.

The problem is that as it gets hot in the club, your make-up may end up looking a real mess. Less is more when it comes to make-up. Just make sure that you look attractive, and put on some nice lipstick. I know a lot of men with lipstick fetishes who just love kiss girls wearing lipstick. Think about all of the fetishes that men have. One of the girls I know wears a bracelet shaped like a pair of handcuffs. For some reason, she gets plenty of attention…Should you dance like an exotic dancer?

Before I started to work for London escorts I used to dance for a living. Sure it as the thing to do back then, but I am not sure that kind of dancing skills belong in a club. You are better of dancing normally. If he sees you dancing like a pro, he is not very likely to come up and ask you to dance with him. Do I tell guys I work for a London escorts service? I do on occasion, and most of them laugh. They actually think that it is my chat up line. If they only knew who they really were dancing with I think that they would be surprised.

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